30 November 2009


Tiling with dad some more tonight...the area surrounding the tub is nearly done!

29 November 2009


We had lunch at Martha's house. This is one of the eleven century-old trees that were on her property when it was bought many years ago...unfortunately it is not going to make it much longer as it is half dead (but it's far enough from the house that it won't cause damage when it falls).

28 November 2009


Tile work with Dad...I was in charge of the cuts.


OK, so I totally didn't take a picture yesterday...I know...slacker. So, I give you a self-portrait from a couple weeks ago...me, in my pj's reflected in the french doors on the back deck :)

26 November 2009


A delicious Thanksgiving feast!

25 November 2009


Thanksgiving preparations :)


My view from the driver's seat somewhere between Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee on I-24.


A hat for baby Bryce, born at 29 weeks gestation and 2 lbs 5 oz. He was breathing on his own when he was born on November 21st and is doing really well...keep him in your prayers.

22 November 2009


Happy 8th Birthday Joseph!

21 November 2009


My kids at the Devil's Millhopper state park in Gainesville, FL. They walked all the way down the 232 stairs to the bottom of the sinkhole and then back up, then we took the walk all the way around the top of the sink hole...we had a great time!


Driving through Kentucky on Alt 41...notice the yellow warning sign...it's Amish country, watch out for horse and buggy...especially creepy when they're traveling on the road at night.

19 November 2009


Houses along the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville, Indiana. There are so many rows of houses like these here and I love them.


OK, almost didn't make this one...woke up late, and basically only went to work and choir rehearsal today...so here is Max again, this is his favorite way to lay on the couch, this is where he hung out with me and Mom and Dad this evening.

17 November 2009


My Christmas cactus in bloom.

16 November 2009


Tea time! On a grey, dreary, November day there is nothing better than a nice cup of tea and sugar cookies shared with Mom.

15 November 2009


Pipe organ and ceiling of First Presbyterian Church of Mount Vernon, Indiana. My mom is pastor here. The building was constructed in 1873, the ceiling was added in 1914, the organ, which has 1025 pipes, was built by Mohler and added in 1915, it was electrified in 1955.

14 November 2009


One wall done! The basement painting project Mom and I have been working on for the past few weeks.

13 November 2009


My room...cosmos from Mom's garden in the midday sun...I will always have an affinity for cosmos, ever since my dear friend Ann Mendenhall grew them in her garden in Virginia.

12 November 2009


Max in his favorite spot...the back deck, basking in the sunlight.

11 November 2009


My first picture in what I hope will be a photographic journey through my year. I finished this sock last night after more than a year of working on it. Today I cast on for the second one, here's hoping that I don't take as long to finish it.